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About the NAACP National Voter Fund

In 2000, the NAACP created the National Voter Fund (NVF) as it sought dynamic new ways to aggressively communicate its views on critical social issues of the day regarding voting rights. NVF was established as a free-standing 501C (4) corporation to engage in civic participation and community-based mobilization efforts through education and awareness campaigns surrounding key issues in communities of color.

Evaluating Issues

NVF seeks to build support for a number of advocacy issues important to African-American, urban, and low-income communities that have failed to be adequately addressed by the political structure during past presidential administrations. A major portion of our work will be elevating these key issues during the upcoming election campaign.

Voter Outreach Efforts

The goal of NVF's voter outreach program is to build upon our 10 year voter mobilization and incorporate best practices and lessons learned from our efforts during the past five election cycles from 2000-2010.
NVF uses both traditional and the latest techniques to reach voters through popular mediums, including use of Catalyst voter files for effective data management, micro-targeting, web-based voter outreach and messaging. NVF also employs more traditional methods such as issue oriented direct mail, targeted phone messaging, community and precinct based voter outreach, neighborhood canvassing, and high visibility election protection programs.
The NAACP-NVF identifies African American urban and rural voters from low performance precincts who were eligible, but unregistered; young and first time voters;

NVF also conducts hands-on non-partisan voter registrations in the field, by toll free hotlines, (866-MYVOTE1) direct mail, and through on-line voter reg­istration tool.

The NAACP-NVF continues to take innovative steps to iden­tify and restore the voter registration of drop-off voters, disenfranchised voters, purged voters and other registrants who had been lost in the voter registration process.






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